On Bali Island, everyone drives on the left. Cars, trucks and buses have a wheel on the right.

The rent of cars, motorcycles and scooters is available for everyone who has the international driving license and experience of driving of left-hand traffic. The international driving license is a multilanguage book confirming your right for driving the vehicle in this or that category.

If you plan to rent transport, you need to register the driving license in your country in advance. If you do not have such license and you are already in Bali, then you can acquire the official temporary tourist-driving license valid up to 30 days. For this purpose, you will need your driving license, 4 hours of your time and 50-70 dollars for registration.

The motorcycles’ driving is allowed only in the certified helmet.

It is not recommended to rent motorcycles. First, you compromise yourself and your relatives. Second, there is a very high percent of traumatism and accidents connected with motorcycles in Bali; especially with foreigners involved. People are often fined for driving without the driving license, without a helmet and driving out of the stop line on the traffic light.

When renting a motorcycle or a car you have to apply for a full insurance, in this case, you shall bear responsibility only within $200.

It is not difficult to drive the car in Bali. The speed limit isn’t high, but most of the roads are narrow, and there are a lot of vehicles. Especially the motorcycles are very dangerous. Keep your eyes on the road at all times! The most detailed map of Bali’s roads you can find in Google Maps or Waze applications.