It is necessary to make a deposit for additional services (a minibar, Spa, drinks and so on) at the hotel check-in. This is an obligatory condition for all hotels in Bali. When checking out of the hotel the deposit is returned in full if the guests didn’t use any additional services. The size of a deposit is about 100-300 US dollars depending on a hotel class. The guests can be asked to pay a deposit in rupiah; it depends on internal rules of the hotel. You can pay also with a credit card.

Check-in time is different in different hotels. Generally, check-in begins at 2 PM, in some hotels it may be at 3 PM.

Clarify the check-in times with your agent beforehand, then you can plan you trip and choose your plane tickets so that you won’t have to wait too long for you check-in upon arrival.

It is necessary to vacate the room until 12:00 PM; otherwise, you’ll have to pay for a late check-out. After check-out you can use pools, beaches and restaurants in the hotel. It is possible to leave personal belongings under the concierge’s supervision. To pay additional hotel services, you need to tell your room number and ask for your check at the reception desk. In order to avoid misunderstanding at the departure, we recommend to pay for the services once in three-four days during your holiday.