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Navigators Indonesia's Regional Information

In this section you will find many resources regarding the destination we service and some handy services for travelers.

We have created this section for quick reference for descriptions of all the major locations and items in the many destinations we service. All of the information here was written by our expierenced travel professionals to provide accurate and informative content. You can use the menu on the left to start learning about all the amazing places that we can offer.

Currency: We provide a basic daily rate chart for the Indonesian Rupiah along with a world rate converter and a monthly rate comparison charting system. All currency information is automatically updated from the European Central Banking Authority's daily closing rates. 

Tide Charts: For major regional ports we have provided a daily tide chart in a graphical format. All tide information is show as provided by the local harbor master.

Airport Information: we provide a general description along with some important traveler information for each major airport in the destinations we server. For most airports we also provide the real time arrival and departure for daily flights. All flight information is provided as stated on the airports official website.

Destinations: Here you can find a complete listing of the destinations we currently provide services along with a photo gallery highlighting key attractions.

Regions & Cities: Each destination is broken into a number of regions or cities depending on the nature of the destination. There are normally any number of different reasons for each traveler to pick from the different place to stay at a given destination. We try to highlight the main attractions of each region along with the recommendation of traveler type to the region or city.

Points of Interest: For every destination we have tried to provide a comprehensive list of recommended place to visit. These points of interest may be historic, cultural, religious, or geographical. These can help to plan a visit and be used to help travelers fill their itinerary with places to visit.

Restaurants: One of the most asked questions by our guests are if we can recommend restaurants. Here we have listed some of our favorites along with a large list of the most well known restaurants in the major cities/regions. We even allow for user input to help rank the restaurants.

Galleries and Shops: South East Asia is full of both real handicrafts/products and many fake ones. Here you can find some of the best places to purchase handicrafts gifts and rare products in each destination.

Diving Information: For those planning on going diving or interested in learning more about diving we provide a comprehensive diving information section where you can learn about each major dive location and its specific dive sites.