Welcome to the official home page for Navigator Indonesia.

Navigator Indonesia is a fully licensed and registered Indonesian Tour and Travel operator specializing in Inbound Destination Management. We have been in business for over ten years and have been a part in the travel business explosion of South East Asia. Navigator Indonesia is fully equipped to handle all of you and your guests needs when traveling to South East Asia and beyond.

Navigator Indonesia’s home office is located in Bali, Indonesia and our main focus is Bali and the greater Indonesia archipelago. We are also currently servicing Malaysia, Singapore, and Bhutan. In each of our destinations we hold confidential contract rates with our suppliers that are not directly available to the public. This allows us to provide our overseas partners with great prices when they book with us. Along with great prices we provide professional service from start to end.

In our industry professional personnel is the key to providing a high level of service, our team is one of the best from our reservation team when you place your reservation all the way to the guest relations officers who will meet and assist your customers when they arrive. We are ready to take your reservations today whether they are for a couple’s honey moon, a thousand person corporate retreat, or a VIP who requires special attention and care.

The products and services we provide are not limited to what you will find on this site, we can provide almost anything you can imagine and will help in refining the dream vacation you require into the actual product you can deliver. Navigator Indonesia has built this site to provide a wealth of knowledge that you can tap into when trying to plan a perfect vacation.

As a travel agent we understand the problem of trying to find quality information on the internet and have dedicated this site to trying to provide high quality content and descriptions. All of our content is written by one of our highly experienced personnel and is solely maintained by us, meaning that you will find accurate product descriptions.

For pricing and reservation information you must be a member. Registered members will gain access to all of the confidential rates, promotional and other great agent features in our members section. If you are a registered travel agent in your country contact us to become one of our exclusive partners.